We are small group of enthusiasts united with idea of creating really accurate loudspeakers being proper for truthful reproduction of all existing live or synthetic music instruments. Such kind of loudspeakers, that one can not just purchase in the shop.  Loudspeakers that are too complicated and labor intensive, demands too big amount of handicraft to be done in industrial conveyer method without  getting  final price equal to some private jet. We are not in a rush for cheap pathetic tricks. Our specialties are:  organic beauty of simple shapes dictated by sound nature itself, and natural materials only. Our approach is unique as we are the first to fully integrate three ranges of knowledge:   technical engineering, human hearing and music architecture principles.  Several unique know-how in the branch of electro-acoustics are serving to achieve the goal.

Most of the speakers you meet daily are designed by well educated engineers, designed to accurately reproduce…. test signals but not the music. It is often the case, when you are not able to listen to some best speakers for more than an hour….  You get tired even with possible headache. Origin of the problem is that designers did not take into account some of human hearing and sound perception features.  Another extreme are products from small firms and fanatics, which have perfect personal hearing and perfect music understanding but…. with lack of any technical background, unfortunately. This forces them to use just personal intuition when designing some speakers. Such approach provides often a lot of substantial technical faults, which would never happen if designers had good physics knowledge at least.  Both types of designers are joined with one thing: neither first no second type of designers do not consider constructive features of main music instruments, their size, their basic tuning frequencies and other parameters.

The well known fact is that most stable is the structure having three toeholds. Designing Flag.1 we met demands of all three aspects absolutely needed to get really perfectly balanced sound. Those aspects are as above-mentioned: technical engineering, human hearing and music architecture principles.

Thus we concentrated strongest features of our speakers in the points of most effective energy application regarding live music instruments reproduction. Flag.1 can be listened to during hours, days and nights without any feeling of fatigue. At any sound level, from whisper to the stadium concert. The only negative feature is that you can loose sense of time and environing reality. You will relax and get so many emotions at such level, that you soon will not understand how you could live before. Enough, stop searching black cat in the black room and spending your life for endless changing of  your audio set components for the same ones but just with other name. Components and their names should disappear just when you switch them on, only the music should stay in the room.

Its also the case if the component is BIG. Especially, when it is very BIG. You do not need to look under hood of good car. It just drives you and gives pleasure. We created Flag.1 exactly for people who do value the pleasure. For those who always want to see the core. For those who always want to know only the truth. When you set up Flag.1 in your room you can forget about them just after switching on. They are not here anymore…

Sincerely hope that our work will open you new horizons of the world of sounds and harmony. Harmony with yourself.



«Flagmanspeakers»  team.