• Photo 01
    Beautiful. Amazing. Revolutionary. No more limits for all of music styles. Feel free to listen to all live and synthesized musical instruments as they are. No more fantasies. Let the sound comes to real life.
  • Photo 02
    “Symmetric Dipole Horn” originally designed technology for ultimate smooth and life-like dynamics midrange. Unique mid-high section structure helps to create effortless soundstage natural for the human ears.
  • Photo 03
    Handcrafted deep color natural oak veneer. Legendary “Marshall” cloth removable grilles.
  • Photo 04
    Midbass section utilizes twin 12 inch speakers originally designed and hand-made in Hungary specially for Flag.1.
  • Photo 05
    Extra light-weight membranes and powerful motor drivers. True dramatic fast bass and mid-bass reproduction. Loaded with twin originally designed “Rogozhin Labirynth” ©, these drivers make all your wildest dreams come true. No more “well recorded bass”, let the real drum set stands in your room! Feel the drums plastics breathe! See the real bass-guitar strings slap! Dive into electronic music low frequency borderless ocean!
  • Photo 06
    Ultra-detailed sweet and coherent mids and highs due to hand-crafted 7 inch AlNiCo full-range speaker with copper ribbon voice-coil.
  • Photo 07
    Full-range speaker membranes made from unique paper with natural wool fibers adding. Natural wood phase plug.
  • Photo 08
    We eliminate the effect of “radiating surface area difference” between passbands, as it is always the case with conventional speakers at their crossover points. Now all sounds are as one whole and have unbelievable realistic dimensions.
  • Photo 9
    Ideal drivers and enclosure combination gives us ability to use a first-order crossover with no audible cross-point. Very short signal path with no attenuators makes all music nuances sent by amplifier easily heard.
  • Photo 10
    Big. Hard. Solid. Two independent sections construction. Massive blued duralumin stands with adjustable height help to install just in few seconds on any surface. Thanks to easily removable “Marshall”-cloth grilles you can choose between always actual classic-black-speaker stylish look with hidden drivers and…
  • Photo 11
    …perfect provocative avant-garde look with open grilles suitable for modern interiors.
  • Photo 12
    Dimensions of the Flag.1 (not including floor stands) are: 674x1366x969mm(WxHxD). Weight: near 150kg per side. Impedance: 8 ohms. Acceptable amplifiers: any transistor, valve-tube or digital PWM amplifier with 8 ohm work ability and output power from 0,5 to 300 Watts.